1.  Is there an age minimum to attend?
    All guests, vendors and staff must be 18 years of age or older.ID's will be checked.

2.  Can I bring my 1 year old child in her stroller?
    Does she have a legal ID stating that she is 18? If not, then please don't bring her

3.  Can I bring my tiny puppy or my well-trained dog?
    Only service dogs as defined by the ADA allowed. Service dogs who are disruptive to
    business (as defined by the ADA, including unnecessary barking and/or roaming freely) will
    need to be removed from the facility.

4.  Can I bring a camera?
    Please don't and please do not use the camera feature on your cellphone or we
    might have to peek into your phone files so we can delete the pics.

    Twisted Toyland will have an official staff photographer mingling with
    shoppers to take photos for future marketing efforts.

    He will be clearly identifiable and will ask before taking your photo.

    If you don't wish to have your photo taken just say so!

5.  I hear we can play. Is that true?
    Shoppers are welcome to try out the new toys they purchase at the event if space
    permits but there are rules.

  • Please don't bring your toybags. You won't be able to bring in your own toys.
  • Pink Part rule: No touching, inserting or showing of pink parts including female
    nipples. Keep it bar legal, please.
  • No insertions of anything, anywhere...'cept for inserting chili and cupcakes into the
    mouth in Cafe' Kink!
  • No blood please..keep it light and lively. Many of the shoppers at Twisted Toyland
    have never seen anything more than bedroom bondage with silk scarves and

6.  Can I drink?
    The Jungle Bar will be open and selling alcoholic drinks to shoppers age 21 and
    over. Soft drinks, coffee and water will be sold to any guests.

7.  Can I smoke?
    Smoking is not allowed in the building during Twisted Toyland. Please smoke
    outside and use the receptacles provided for your butts. Re-entrance only through
    the front entrance door with wristband.

8. Can I bring my lunch?
    Due to heath department and venue rules no outside food or beverage is allowed.

9.  Should I bring cash?
    Admission, raffle tickets and Cafe Kink are cash only. Not all merchants accept
    credit cards. There is an ATM machine in the building in case you need more cash.
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