Sadistic Santa, the jolly man himself, will be
at Twisted Toyland to listen to bad girls and
boys tell him what they really want for the
holidays! His erotic elf will be by his side (or
on his lap). Want to be candy caned?
Can you put a teasing twist on the peppermint stick? How well can
you suck..or nibble..or lick a jumbo candy cane? Enter the Erotic
Candy Cane Contest at Twisted Toyland for a chance to win
fabulous prizes and raise money for charity.
  • Contestants can be male or female.
  • A team of two will count as one entry.
  • No more than two people on a team.
  • Candy canes will be provided by Twisted Toyland. Contestant cannot bring their own candy
  • Contestants can bring other props and items if they can be held on their person. (ie: no chairs,
    stools, play equipment etc)
  • All contestants will ‘perform’ on stage at the same time.
  • Each contestant will have a pin-on number and an assigned spot on stage to ‘perform’.
  • A large container will be numbered to correspond with each contestant number and placed in front
    of each contestant at the edge of the stage.
  • Contestants will lick, nibble, suck and/or otherwise eroticize the candy cane to tantalize and tease
    the shoppers.
  • No pink parts can be shown at any time.
  • Shoppers can ‘vote’ on their favorite contestants by placing monetary donations into containers
    that will be numbered to match contestant numbers.
  • The contestant/team with the largest amount of money raised wins a special gift bag of goodies
    and a unique trophy. The first runner-up contestant/team wins a bag of goodies also!

Up to six (6) people/teams will be selected to be contestants. To apply to be a contestant
email us with
the following information

  1. Your Nickname/Scene Name (to be announced in media releases and on stage):
  2. Your Email:
  3. Nickname/Scene Name of Teammate (If applicable):
  4. Why you think you can win:
  5. A brief ‘teaser’ write-up that we can use to promote your participation:

email us the above info.
An amazing photographer can
take pics of you with or without
Santa and the elves.

Changing space available if
you want to wear something
especially wicked for the
Atlanta’s Premier
Fetish Shopping
In It's 14th
Fabulous Year!